February 27, 2014

Forget the KY, I like it rough!

So, I went back to H&R Block to finish up my taxes. I had to drop off my papers from my stock account last week. Due to the fact that I was on unemployment for a few months last year and had to close out my 401k so I could get bills paid, also the fact I have stocks (though i'm no where close to being rich), I figured I would have to pay in more than I was going to have to prior.

However, the lady was able to go through everything and find me a loss of $300. So in actuality, i'm getting a refund of $39!!!!!! But i owe H&R Block $214 for doing my taxes. Only reason it's so high this year, compared to the hundred something the last five years, is they had to go through all the stocks and unemployment.

So I asked the lady, should I have been able to at least claim the bitches two kids, since they've lived with us for almost a year again. She said yes. And I should be able to claim the bitch as well. HOWEVER, and i know she did this on purpose, the bitch had her father claim the kids. Which is illegal on all grounds, unless they are living with him and he is providing for them 50% of the year. But since they only go over maybe one weekend a month for a few days, that hardly counts. She knew she was not getting any of that money back out of me.

With all the money we spend on utilities, gas, and everything else, it doesn't even compare to what she buys in food in this house. Not to mention the fact she doesn't even pay her own damn phone bill.

So after some minor calculations, with out redoing all the tax forms, I would have gotten back close to $3-4 thousand.

And being as typically predictable as she is, when she was told this, she came up with an excuse that me paying them so much to do my taxes wasn't right. That SHE would have told them to fuck off. Not one word of, i'm sorry, or let me talk to my dad and see if i can get some of the tax money.

Nope, completely ignored it on all levels.  Then proceeded to go back on FB where she spends about 97% of her waking time on. The bitch has no sense of responsibility. No sense of commitment other than to Facebook. No priorities, nothing.

There's a difference between helping when someone needs it and supporting someone who is just down right fucking lazy.

Told, well didn't tell, more or less blurted it out to my fiance, that I'm not married to the bitch, her kids are not my kids. I am not supporting them. And when her other kid comes along in the next few weeks, she can get the fuck out. I don't care where she goes or how she gets there. I'm done.

She can go to a shelter or a cardboard box. She let her dad claim the kids, she can go live with him for all I care. She's better off, giving this baby up for an adoption. She is so self centered and egotistical it's not funny. I feel real sorry for this baby. Instead of being helped to strive for the best she can be, she will be taught it's okay to live of others, that other people will support you. That you really don't have to be responsible. That it's okay not to have goals and priorities.

I maybe sounding mean or inconsiderate, but guess what. I DON'T CARE anymore.

I was always called lazy growing up. But I could never hold a candle to this bitch. I've always tried to be nice. Socialize, say nice things, keep my true feelings hidden. But god damn. How much ignorance can one take?

I've never despised anyone as much as I do her. Even the people that used to beat on me all the time and harass me all the time growing up. I don't even do Google Hangouts as much as I would like on occasion. As her loud fucking mouth can be heard two rooms away over my mic. And she isn't that eloquent with her language.

So in the end, I made a hair over $23,000 this past year because of loosing my job. Closed out my 401k, which gave me an extra $3,000 for a few months. And yet I am still getting robbed.

And voicing my opinions in this house are fruitless. As they are ignored anyway.

Here's the spiked club. Forget the KY, I like it rough!



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