February 22, 2014

No Repsect

I always try and respect people. Give them respect, get respect. But there are times, that one does not deserve my respect.

So I spent all year busting my ass helping to support 5 people. Only one of those people is my equal half. The others, FREE LOADERS. And it will soon be six, as the niece will have her kid anytime now.

So I spent all year working, lost my job in September and have to pay in on my taxes. Even when I made $23k, I pay in. So the niece, who sat on her ass, mooched and everything else, not to mention got knocked up by a guy who not only stole from her kids, but OD'd on the synthetic shit, twice, get's a shit load of money back.

So she turns over $400 to us. She just got home from her baby shower and find out she bought her kids new tablets from Best Buy. Bitch doesn't even have her license or a car. So why is this money not going there? Why did we get $400 when a years worth of electricity, water, garbage, gas, car trips add's up to well over $400. Not to mention all the other monies spent for various things beyond the occasional situation.

My words keep falling on deaf ears. I understand you want to buy yourself something when you get your tax returns. We all do. But most of us also use it to pay bills.

So yet again, I get shafted like a lot of others and the lazy fucks in this world get to slide by.
Can you hear the violins playing your song bitch?



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