February 14, 2014

What's In A Dream?

We all have them. Good dreams, bad dreams, nightmares and even wet dreams! Yup, I went there. But really, how much of our dreams do we really remember? And why is it, only the bad parts we seem to remember. Or in most cases, tid bits of the bad parts?

Dreams come from all sorts of things, but as a lot of professionals say, mainly stress. Guess that would make me, like a lot of you good candidates for research.

But what about those dreams that seem so realistic, that your body is damaged when you wake up? IE; bruises, scratches, and in some rare cases, blood.

I use to have very lucid dreams as a teenager. Chalk it up to hormones I guess. But as I've gotten older, a lot of those have disappeared. The only time I dream now it seems is when i'm under heavy amounts of stress. And in some cases they are nightmares. Or what should be, but nothing compared to what I had as a young one.

I wake up with headaches all the time. Have switched  through hundreds of pillows, mattresses, etc, but I guess I just sleep in odd positions. And the headaches are normally in my neck to the base of my skull. So where is this going, dreams and headaches?

Last night I had a few dreams that interlocked into one. And in the end, I was hit in the base of the skull with a 2x4 a few times, as I fought off someone who had broken into the house. And when I woke, my neck and head hurt so bad, it felt like any movement would split it in two. There's even a small lump on the neck, just below the base of skull where in my dream, the wooden death object had struck me multiple times.

Professionals would just say, "Oh, you just hit your self." Or  that I had banged my head on the head board. HA! not as easy as they claim it to be. Four Excedrin later, my head doesn't hurt as much, but the soft tender spot is still there. Slowly going away. But my back still aches.

So why am I talking about this? Well, things like this always bring me back to a particular dream I had as a teen. One that scared the hell out of me as well as my mom. I don't recall all of it, but what I do recall was a few people in my house who shouldn't have been there. After a scuffle, one of them had shot me in the back with buck shot. Anyone who has hunted, knows what that is.

When I woke that morning, I could barely move. It was if I had pulled all my back muscles. Since it was summer, I never wore a shirt to bed. I had slept in that morning so my mom was already up. When I went down stairs she freaked and asked me what the hell I did.

Across my entire back were little bruises the size of BB's. Some a little larger. The same size of buck shot. They covered from the top of my shoulder blades down to my waist. I went into the bathroom and looked and sure as shit, my back was reader than some ginger hair!

She thought I might have fallen in the night or something, but there was not one thing in the house that could make those marks. There wasn't even a gun in the house. As my hunting shotgun was always at my uncles house, due to my brother being so little at the time. It took days for those marks to disappear. And a few extra days for the soreness to vanish.

So, are dreams reality in disguise? I mean, I've had bruises after a hellish dream that I couldn't even reach that part of my body unless I was double jointed. But not all dreams are bad. But those, you can't know about. They're private! :)

When I was younger, in all honesty and call my weird, crazy, buts, whatever, I used to look forward to these nightmares. The way I looked at it, they let me know I was alive. Heart pounding when I sat up, cold sweats, the whole nine yards. But those nightmares always seemed to be a figment of fantasy or of my fantasies. But as I've gotten older, what few nightmares I have are all to real. Dealing with things that are too close to heart.  No more what if fantasy types.

A lot of time I would think that the whole Freddy Kruger thing was possible. Being able to bring something from your dreams back into the material world. Guess the only thing I have been able to accomplish so far was bringing back bruises and scratches in weird places.



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