March 23, 2014

Affordable Healthcare My Ass

This is why I am skipping the new government health plan. Money!!! Though I need to go the doctors and the dentist, I have no insurance at the moment. However, with an infected tooth, I need to do something. So I decided to have a look at the govt health plans.

First, None of them include adult dental. Only 19, based on my income, which is nothing at the moment, and less than about $20,000 for the year, include child dental. And you have to confirm your health plan BEFORE you can see the dental choices.

So I went through, filled out all the information they wanted as accurate as possible, then I compared the two cheapest plans. The Bronze and the Silver. (See attached images)

First, that's a lot more per month than what I was paying for when I was working full time and for less coverage.  Second, the amount of of the deductibles is too damn high. Especially for one person. And a person who goes to the doctors about three times a year for check ups. So, that being that case, I pay more out of pocket with these plans than i did previously. And since the deductibles are so high, i'm better off not having the insurance and paying the same price for visits anyway. It will save me upwards $275 a month that can go on other bills. 

Each of these "cheapest" plans come out to more than $1,000 more a year than what I had, have a massively higher deductible, with an even more gouge cutting Out of Pocket maximum.

The only upside to each one of these is, they both have my stomach meds, which I have been with out for almost two months now, on their included list. Currently, with just the Pharmaceutical paying for a portion of the cost, it's still $118 out of pocket each month. So right now, I have to double and in some cases triple a days dosage of OTC, which only cost about $48 a month.And it will last me a full month, maybe an extra week.

They give you the option of doing finer filtering on the available plans. However, There are none readily available to lower the cost for me.

And this was supposed to be affordable? IF it is, then they've hidden all the little things that can make it affordable and I can't find them. OR it's only affordable to those making upwards of $40k+ a year.

If I was getting 40 hours a week and making what I was making to get me to the $30,000 a year mark, then this would be viable. But it's not. So I guess I go without. It also looks like I will be paying a penalty. Unless I can land a new job that actually pays me. 



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