October 22, 2016

A Bucket List Dream

So I get a text from my brother with a link to Craigslist. On it, is a 73 Nova SS with a 350 for $2000.

The tagline reads, needs work. Will make a great classic.

While some prefer the old Vets, Chevelles and Cameros, my dream car has always been this. I've always loved the body lines, though they do share commonality with the Chevelles in a way, the Nova always stuck with me. The SS at this time was nothing more than really pinstripes and an emblem. But it was an option that made it stick out from your typical Nova.

I've seen very few at cars shows and what few that I've found online are so torn down and built up with so many gadgets, they look like the inside of the shuttle. You can't truly enjoy the ride if you have to watch so many gauges when in essence, they aren't needed.

My dream build is a 350, though I would not mind the '69 396, deep jet black with a white interior. Those who have seen the Charger from Burn Notice will know what it looks like.

Only real customization's are:
  • First gen Craiger SS rims
  • A full side body scorpion,  two shades lighter than the jet black on the sides.  Done in a way,  you have to stand at the right angle to see it. 
  • Modern stereo so I can put it in drive and go,  listening to what ever is on my iPod or CD. 
  • Take from a 2 barrel to a 4. And some other minor engine mods to get it from 145HP to 300HP
Original specs for this build.

It is however one of those many things on my bucket list that won't be achieved. If the numbers match on this, then $2000 is a steal. But it's two grand that I don't have. Not to mention, the rest of it it get it top shop without the customization's.



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