October 22, 2016

Beauty and Brains, Oh Bless My Heart

I've been a fan of Hedy Lamarr's for quite some time. First saw her way back when TCM first came out and started showing the old classic B&W films. I instantly fell in love. Such beauty that could memorize just by a smile. Though I wasn't into a lot of the classics at that time, I would scour the TV guide to see what was playing and catch her movies. The one I could never seem to catch back then was Algiers.

Not the original release, but I like this one better

It wasn't until later on, way later, that when I got into tech, that I had learned that Hedy had also made it in tech as an inventor. This peaked even more interest in her. Some will argue that Tesla, (One of my favorite science geeks) was the first to invent or theorize about frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology. But regardless, she also invented a few other things that were never a hit. Beauty and brains. A deadly combination in any woman.

Anyway, I finally got around to watching Algiers and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much, I went and got it on DVD. I even have the Lux Theater radio play form 1942 with both Hedy and Charles reprising their roles.  (Some of the Lux commercials are both hilarious as well as fear mongering to a point, due to the war) 

There's a meme on the net, asking if you could sit down with someone past, present or future for a few hours who would it be. My answers are always the same. Hedy, Tesla and Hitler. (That's a story for a different time).
Only to to sit and listen to her speak. That accent of her's melts me. To pick her brain on different technologies. The delight I would get from that. I always said I was born in the wrong era.

Sadly, she passed some time ago. She only lived about a mile from my in-laws house at the time. I never got down here until well after that.

So here's to a feisty immigrant, who turned heads on the silver screen and secretly helped create a technology that is still in use today on a daily basis.



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