October 30, 2016

MAA - Minecraft Addicts Anonymous

So, I've been playing Minecraft on the Xbox for about a month. It's actually been very therapeutic for me. It's gotten me into being creative again. Though in game only. I get to build things! Drawback is, I'm not getting any damn house work done. And I've pulled a few all nighters. I originally got the game so I could play with the nephews once in awhile, since I don't get to see them all the time. Think i've spent more time playing on my own, minus the few hours I have played with them.

I started a Survival world, what I am currently working on and will be for quite some time. I've done a few Creative ones to get the hang of things. So I figured it was time to see what I could do when I had to farm for everything I needed to build. So far, I'm liking it.

The tutorials could be better online. 90% of them are for the PC with mods. You can't use mods on the Xbox. Started right at my spawn point and started to learn. Built a small room on top of the mountain. From there, I started to dig down and farm some trees. Next it was to the base of the mountain to build a temporary fort.

From the fort, I started digging into the mountain. Not just in, but down. There are animals plenty around the fort, so I built an underground pen as well as a small underground garden. Water source flows underneath so i can hydrate the crops.

Upon exploring, I found many small ponds and lakes. Then I found it. The area where my castle will be. Problem is, from Point A to Point B, during the night travels is a nightmare in and of itself. I've died at least 2 dozen times (and it's on normal). So how do I get to and fro? Well, underground of course!

Went out during the day and laid some torches along the route to take, taking note where the lakes were and how far down I would have to go. Not really understanding or knowing how far to dig, I laid a half assed plan and went for it.

A week later, I have a tunnel going from the mountain at the temp fort to another mountain. This tunnel ends up in a small quarry under the mountain where I started to build. I have an automatic smelting furnace, multiple storage boxes, individual ovens and water source.

There is a set up stairs that go up through the mountain to a temp storage room and even further up to the top to where I've built the first of many Keep Towers. At night, you can look back to where the first room was built and lit with torches and see how far the distance actually is.

Along the underground tunnel is a railway that stops in the middle. This is a small construction area with smelting furnaces and chests. It is also where I have spent most of the last 24 hours. As I started to mine out I came across a massive cavern. I have spent the better part of about 12 hours in this cavern and when I think I've uncovered all the crevasses without digging anymore, more open up.

It's so large, I was getting lost. Even with leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. So I decided to decorate it. Stairs, rails, chandeliers, etc.  The further I go down, the more I uncover. So far, in some areas, it's nothing but a massive lake of lava. I haven't had my mp with me to figure out what level i'm on, but if lava was a renewable source, i'd be rich.

Anyway, I've been mining the hell out of this cavern to get ores and stone. My smelting furnace is making me the building blocks I need. Now I need to craft an automatic tree farm in my smithing area.

Since there are a lot of animals around the temp fort, I will be going back and making a larger farm. Need to eat and i'm getting low on food. Though there is a rail that goes from the back of the first mountain to the smithing area under mountain two, I will have to make a second rail from the fort to the smithing area to transport food and more lumber. It's a pain to go out, farm lumber, run through the fort, navigate the tunnels just to get to the start of the rail line.



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