November 6, 2016

To Mine, Or to Craft. Or To Just Minecraft. PT1

So I've been playing Minecraft for a little while now and decided to go big. well, big to me. If you've seen some of these creations in this game, your jaw would drop. I don't plan on being as good as these people. After all this game does require some mathematics skills that I don't have!

I created a survival world and started right where I spawned in. Doing the survival world, I need to farm and craft everything I need to build. Unlike Creative where it's all there for me.

First things first, I need shelter. It's night, I can see baddies wandering around and I have no weapons. AH, a mountain. Up we go! As I'm hoping up the mountain, I feel like Q-Bert! Breaking some grass blocks as I go, I need material for a make shift shelter. Once I get to the top, the fun begins.

Built a small shelter. Maybe 6x6 at best. Then I start digging down. From time to time, I pop a hole in my walls to see if the sun is out yet. Once it is, I head down the mountain to farm some lumber and animals for food. After a few hours, I have a nice little hut on top of the mountain, away from the baddies. Crafting table, a couple of chests for storage. A furnace to cook and smelt with.

By now, a day or so has gone by in real time. I only play a few hours at night after work.

What to do next? I can't stay up here all the time. As i'm out and about farming materials, I'm also scouting the area and see a nice flat area at the bottom of the mountain. That is my next stop. I need something bigger.

By now, I have tools. An ax, a pickax and a shovel.  So it begins. I dig into the side of the mountain and start making room to live. There is a small water pool here so water will be no issue. Couple of rooms dug out, few more chests and crafting table created. Once the main area is created and doors up to keep me safe, i begin to dig in all four directions to see how far I can go til I reach daylight. Come to find out, it's quite the damn ways!

Food is getting harder to find already. If this were the Alaskan Frontier, i'd be dead in a few weeks! But alas, this is Minecraft MacGyver time. Or something like that.

I began to dig out a small section for farming. Crops will grow with enough light and water. Next, I began digging a small section for animals. PETA would have my ass if they saw how I have this little bastards caged up!

Materials are running low, so now it's time to start mining. Part way down the eastern corridor I dug before, I begin digging steps down. Down and down and whoa! Cavern! Some torches, trusty pickax, let's go.

After a few hours of exploring and killing baddies, I had enough coal, iron ore and cobblestone to start my own ammunition factory.

By now, I'm trying to decide what my end game will be. I know there's a partial end game itself by killing the Ender Dragon. But What am I actually making here? Then it hit me. I've already done a few small castles in Creative mode. Let's do yet another castle. This time however, something with a little more gusto.

In real life, there was the castle. Maybe an outlying keep or two as well as a village. Ah, that's it! But where am I going to build it? Time to go exploring.

I set out in a few different directions, killing baddies as night falls a few times. By now, I'm completely lost and have no idea where my hole in the ground, uh, Hobbit Hole is. I need to go higher to get a better view. That's when I saw it. Three separate mountain tops. All within a short span of each other. One slightly larger than the other two. One keep, two keep, Castle. Achievement unlocked! But still, where the hell is my house? Oh, there it is. About 10 miles back that way!

With too much of a distance to travel across ground, and not really wanting to fight off baddies every five seconds, the only other option i have is to go under ground. A tunnel. A long, winding tunnel under and around the lakes between where I stand and my home.

Queue the music!

Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.

After a few hours of digging, popping my head above ground, about drowning myself when I unleash a few tsunami's in my back breaking labor of a tunnel, I now sit directly under Point B.

So now what? What's next?

Read Part 2



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